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Ancla 1


GRAMMY® Categories submitted to:

- Best Orchestral Performance

- Contemporary Instrumental Album

"It’s quite something. The original score is beautiful and often quite sparse in its beauty. The new version is bigger, more complex and dramatic.” - Forbes

"To mark the decade since with aplomb, [Wintory] decided to reimagine his original vision as a full-fledged orchestral symphony fit for a 91-piece orchestra, shifting the perspective into something much wider and more expansive. “ - ABC, Classical

“[While] listening to tickles something in your cortex; evoking curious first steps on sandy dunes, howling winds in ancient chasms, life-affirming flits on mountain summits.” - NME

Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices Choir
Composed and conducted by Austin Wintory

Produced by Austin Wintory and Andrea Pessino
Recorded at St. Luke's (London) and Capitol Records, Studio A (Los Angeles)

"This album is among the most personal projects I've ever attempted. My life was so thoroughly changed by Journey 10 years ago, and my hope was to give its long-running community a way to experience it anew. This reimagining, featuring the grand London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices, along with the beloved Tina Guo, expands the original material far beyond its source, while also staying very true to its intent. It is my thank you to those millions whose collective support has enabled my entire career." - Austin Wintory


Traveler A JourneyTM Symphony.jpg

About Austin Wintory:

Grammy-nominated and 2x BAFTA-winning composer Austin Wintory has had a career straddling film, video games and the stage. He has scored over 50 feature films, including several Sundance hits (Grace, Captain Abu Raed), and over 40 games, netting him 7 BAFTA nominations with 2 wins, 2 wins of the peer-voted ASCAP Composer's Choice Awards and a slew of other industry accolades. His work, ranging from intimate indies like JOURNEY and ABZU to massive blockbusters like ASSASSIN'S CREED, and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, is often noted for its unique perspective and unusual approach. His works have been performed around the world by many of the top orchestras in the US and Europe.

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