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S    H    O    W    S

Journey Live

The Chicago-based Fifth House Ensemble teams up with composer Austin Wintory to present an interactive live performance of his Grammy-nominated score to the video game Journey. The entire game is played on-stage by players, while the score is performed in its entirety.

This Gaming Life

A fusion of comedy, music and nerdiness, THIS GAMING LIFE is essentially an orchestral cabaret show.

Austin Wintory and Tripod join forces to tell stories of life, love, and backstage Halo matches. It's a story of friendship through the lens of gaming, that resonates with audiences whether they're fellow gamers or not.



There is great music being written today across all forms of media. MYTHOS draws from the four principle venues composers find themselves in in the 21st century: Film, games, the concert stage and TV. Performed as a single, seamless and broken train of thought, this concert places all music on equal footing and weaves a story comprised entirely of recent musical gems and masterpieces.

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